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Embassy Service

Embassy Service

Satisfying the highest needs. Whether if you're a diplomat, a minister or a King, with our service you can experience what we call royal. Quality, safety, discretion - altogether unlike any other. Only VIP-class services in VIP-class safety. Sir, Tytans are on your command.

Business Service

Business ServiceThe best assistance. From your executive transportation, through your hotel accomodation, or a business dinner at an exclusive restaurant, we can ensure you everything together. You want to know all your needs are in safe hands? It's the best you can choose.

Butler Service

Butler ServiceA man who takes care. From managing your household, through taking care of your children a professional Butler can make your life easier. Whether if you hold a party or want somebody 24/7, there is nobody who can be a better partner. A manager, a housekeeper and a concierge - all in one person.

Concierge Service

Concierge ServiceEverything is ready before it crosses your mind. With the most professional Concierge in Switzerland, Tytan can make your stay a lifelong experience.

Limousine Service

Limousine ServiceAn exclusive chauffeur, an executive vehicle. With our experience, Tytan can give you this service in more than 50 countries worldwide. Whether if you need an airport transport or a disposition, we can ensure you the best car for your needs - no matter how high they are. Our discrete, polite and experienced chauffeurs speaking multiple languages, and take you anywhere in short time and royal comfort.

Chauffeur Service

Chauffeur ServiceExhausted of driving? We got professional, multilingual and well-informed chauffeurs worldwide.With thousands of kilometres in their hands, you can know yourself and your car in safety, and enjoy the ride like a lord.